Soul Waterman Useful Information

Soul stand behind their products. All Soul products are guaranteed for workmanship and defects. The specific guarantee depends on the product in question.

Warranty Information

Plastic Kayaks and Boards:

Soul plastic kayaks and boards are guaranteed to be free of defects in manufacturing. The kayaks and boards are made to exacting standards, and if your kayak or board does not meet these standards, we will repair or replace it, at our discretion. Most warranty claims happen within the first few days or weeks of the products use, as any defective product is most likely to fail almost immediately. However, defects like a boat being unusually thin in an area could take time to show up, which is why the warranty is for a full year.

There is no "warranty of correctness". Just because you don't like the way the boat handles, or the outfitting feels or works, does not mean it's defective. Our boats are almost intentionally designed to handle and feel unlike everything else, be it the hull design, or the outfitting. We believe this makes them better. However, it's quite possible you may disagree. That does not make the product defective, and as such, there is no warranty because you "dislike it". Our bet is, if you give it time... you will come to love it for the same reason so many others do.

Orange kayaks and boards: The shells are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of manufacture, and this guarantee is against defects only (just because the kayak or board is broken, does not mean it was defective – it’s quite possible that you simply broke it - we're stating clearly here what is essentially the industry standard). The outfitting is guaranteed for 12 months from the time of purchase.

Yellow kayaks and boards: The lightweight shells essentially carry the same 12-month warranty against DEFECTIVE hulls, but we are far more stringent in assessing breakage as they are made to be lighter weight and thus, untimely, will have less impact and wear resistance. Damage/breakage resulting from excessive impacts, or over tightening/compression in transport and/or storage are not covered. You should only purchase a yellow kayak if you are intending to use this in an environment which is not hard on kayaks and boards (rivers with fewer rocks). The outfitting is guaranteed for 12 months from the time of purchase.

If you modify your kayak in any way, this could void the warranty, if the kayak is broken or deforms in the area that was modified.

It is the responsibility of the customer to send to White Water Consultancy Soul Waterman British and European Partner the defective kayak or board for assessment. Soul Waterman in turn takes full responsibility in returning the repaired or replaced product to the customer. This warranty is not a warranty of correctness, only of defects in manufacturing.

The warranty is for repair or replacement only, at our discretion, and no kayaks or boards are refunded due to defects, as is the industry standard.

Epoxy Kayaks and Boards:

The running gag is that epoxy boards are guaranteed for 30 seconds or 30 feet, whichever comes first. This is because of the nature of the construction of an epoxy board – they are comparatively fragile, and as such are easy to damage (compared to plastic). However, we do stand behind the product, and it is imperative that you inspect your board as soon as you get it. If there are any defects, we will repair or replace your board for you. However, once the board has been used, because of the nature and ease of which an epoxy board can be damaged, there are no warranties, implied or otherwise. In the case of a warranty claim, it is the responsibility of the customer to send to Soul Waterman the defective board for assessment. Soul Waterman, in turn, takes full responsibility in returning the repaired or replaced product to the customer.


It is the expense of the customer to ship the "claimed" warranty kayak or sup to White Water Consultancy for inspection. Should the kayak or sup be found to be faulty, Soul Waterman will cover all shipping expenses of the repaired or replaced kayak or sup back to the customer. If the kayak is deemed not to be a warranty, it is the customer's expense to have the kayak or sup returned (or alternatively, should the customer wish, we can destroy the kayak).

Upgrades to our product:

Soul Waterman reserves the right to upgrade, adapt or substitute any part of the product in part or in whole, without prior warning, for any reason, without any obligation to replace models that are in the field, or have already been manufactured to prior standards.